Eldemy 2

Session 4

The party joined the Chaos Divers with their mission to the depths of chaos. They found two entrances to the chamber of seals. Within one of the chambers, they fought several demons, including a big one who asked the party to “give my regards to Mandeight.”

After they emerged into the chamber of seals safely, they discovered that there were in fact four seals. The earth around three of the seals showed signs of the insidious will buried within. The fourth, central seal show different signs. Grasses and vines grew from the soil around the seal. Two of the characters sensed an immortal and celestial presence within the seal, and when they prayed atop the seal, they felt a loss of connection with their respective gods.

When the party emerged from the chaos back to Gloryglen, they heard the din of alarm bells. The bodies of those who died in the several taverns were being kept in the abandoned temple to Bahamut. When they arrived there, they discovered a boy who said the dead rose and walked north, out of the city.

The party pursued the undead out of the city, where they discovered that Mandeight was leading the undead. He turned toward the party and began to cast a spell.

Thus ended the session.



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