Xavier Birdstaff (NPC)

Xavier Birdstaff is the High Vizier to Duke Elkis XI. He is a very old, thin man with a long white hair and beard. Xavier is the Duke’s most trusted adviser, and he is often sent away to do the Duke’s bidding.

On two occasions, while the party was hunting the Dark Conspiracy, Xavier was sent to the mysterious city of Torechgha, and he will give no details about the city or why he was sent there.

When the Duke was unseated by the recently discovered heir to the Imperial throne, Elkis asked Xavier to stay on with the Emperor as a transitory adviser. Soon after the Duke departed Eldemy, Xavier was jailed for speaking against the new Emperor.

The party set out to find and free him.

Xavier is currently gone on another mission to Torechgha.

Xavier Birdstaff (NPC)

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