Truk (NPC)

Truk the Fomorian, is the deposed chieftain of a great tribe in the Feydark. He has been magically exiled to the still waters of the shadowfell, where he waits and plots his return to take his rightful place as the leader of his people.

Truk lives aboard an unnamed ship, floating on the waters near an island where the Dark Conspiracy met. For years he watched their comings and goings, noting the humans and infernal creatures who arrived to whisper and plot.

Just before their departure to the Chaos, the party gifted Truk with the Sword and Helm of Decree. With these, he said, he could defeat the pretender chieftain in single combat.

He also asked the party if they would assist him in his return when the time came. When he is ready, he will signal the party with a hair he plucked from his head.

Truk (NPC)

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