Mandeight Birdstaff (NPC)

Mandeight Birdstaff is the younger brother of Xavier. He is notorious for experimenting in the “dangerous” schools of spell casting.

He lives in a tower on an island in the middle of a large lake deep in Orc territory, where he operates an enchanted weapon business with the various warring tribes. This business started at the behest of Duke Elkis as a way to keep the Orc tribes occupied (with fighting each other, rather than the people of Eldemy).

Mandeight has been aware of the conspiracy for a long time, as they tried to recruit him several times.

When the party brought him a demon corpse to discern the nature and scope of the conspiracy, Mandeight’s attempts to gain information backfired and left him comatose. It is unknown if this backfire had any other affect on him.

He has since recovered and decided to join the conspiracy as a spy (or saboteur) for the Duke.

Mandeight Birdstaff (NPC)

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