High Priest Voston (NPC

Voston was the retired high priest of the Temple of Bahamut in Eldemy. He was living out the rest of his life in seclusion in the Observation post above Serpta Keep, where he was beset by Orcs and Goblins.

The party rescued him, and he agreed to return to Eldemy to reestablish the Pillars of Bahamut and act as high priest (since all the senior priests were killed in the attack).

After Vizier Vost was discovered to be a traitor, Voston agreed to take him to Serpta Keep, where he would remain a prisoner. Vost escaped during a temporal mishap, and Voston returned to Eldemy to lead the Temple.

He fled Eldemy soon after the new Emperor returned. He has now set up shop in Mandeight Birdstaff’s tower.

High Priest Voston (NPC

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