Eldemy, City of

The City of Eldemy

p, Eldmey is a major coastal city, with a population in the 10s of thousands. It is a major trade hub for both land- and sea-based commerce. Within the city is the Temple to Bahamut, which was nearly destroyed by a conspiracy of mages and the demon they summoned.

Until recently, Duke Elkis XI was Lord Protector of Eldemy. He relinquished control when a descendant of the last Emperor of Man arrived and was able to prove his lineage.

Through unknown circumstances, a frost giant, several of his minions and dozens of demons were set loose upon the Imperial Palace. The front giant now runs the city.


The city of Eldemy was founded thousands of years ago, before recorded history. Because of its natural harbor and central location, it became a major way point for merchants. The city grew in prominence until it became the political center of much of the continent.

Approximately one thousand years ago, though marriage, the Kingdoms of Eldemy and Amana were joined into the Empire of Man. After the incident in Amana, creating a vast undead army, the Empire was all but destroyed, and the city of Eldemy barely survived.

Because of its history, Eldemy became the default center of power for the cities on the east coast of the continent.

Eldemy, City of

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