Duke Elkis XI (NPC)

Elkis is the eleventh Lord Protector of Eldemy, since the abdication of Emperor Eldemy nearly 1,000 years ago.

He has a reputation for being a fair and kind ruler. His advisers are know to be fiercely loyal, as are his personal guard, the Knights Draconis.

When the 14th descendant of Emperor Eldemy arrive with his retainers and army (numbering nearly 40,000), the Duke stepped aside, and made a public proclamation that the Emperor had returned and he would depart to his ancestral home.

He traveled north, past Jordina, where he discovered a small outpost that had been overrun by Northern Barbarians. With the assistance of the party, the city was freed. The city fathers renamed the city Elkis, in honor of their liberator, and the construction of a much larger city began.

Elkis (the city) is now a refuge for those fleeing the happenings in and around the city of Eldemy.

Duke Elkis XI (NPC)

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