Eldemy 2

Session 3

The party was in the basement of Shrida’s tinker shop, having just been confronted by Sern.

Sern said, “We appear to be looking for the same person.” Then he looked around the room and said, “she must’ve gone to ground.” He looked around nervously and walked through a wall.

Immediately, the heroes began to feel their life force drain. They fled the building. Outside, Adeena was watching the street and noticed several cloaked figures gather around near the door of the shop and vanish.

A fight then ensued, wherein several drow warriors and a mage fought the party. The party dispatched the mage (who was Vost) and all but one of the drow.

They interrogated the drow, discovering that Vost, who is a minion of Orcus, has been casting the spells that killed the birds and the patrons in several taverns.

He also told them that there were four seals beneath the well of creation — the seal of life, the seal of death, the seal of unity and the seal of disunity. He did not know what was imprisoned beneath the seal of disunity.

The party then met with the duke and one of his viziers.

The vizer told the party that Sern is working for Dagon, and is the sole minion of the demon prince.

He said that Sern is searching for “Dreamers” — people who experience prophetic dreams. He tells the party that anyone having prophetic dreams is in danger.

At the end of the session, the party found themselves at the docks at the Well of Creation. Two Chaos Ships were moored to the dock.

The party entered a tavern near the dock and met some of the chaos divers — those who maintain the seals beneath creation. They told the party they were on-call, waiting for “No-Face” to call them.

At the end of the session, the party hears the booming horns of No-Face, and they (and the chaos divers) rush to the tavern exit to board the Chaos Ship.



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