Eldemy 2

Session 2

The party returned to Albright Birdstaff’s tower, where they met new adventurers to join the party.

They proceeded to Gloryglen, finding many dead birds as they approached the city. Once in the city, they took respite at the Whitesides, where the proprietor, Frank, was a bit taken aback that they brought their pet orc along, and insisted that he be allowed to sleep in a guest room, rather than the stables.

They then set about looking for the Shifter.

After some inquire, they discovered that a man named Sern had entered town and had seriously intimidated several people at a tavern, Sojourn’s End, across town. They spoke with the stable boy, Darrin, who said the man looked at everyone as if they were insignificant, like insects.

When they returned to the in later, they discovered that everyone was dead. Darrin the Stable Boy had escaped this fate and was staying with his parents. He informed the party that he saw Sern earlier in the day and fled, as he was scared.

Meanwhile, some members of the party met a contact who attempted to arrange a meeting between the party and a shifter. The party also ask him to find information about Sern.

The contact when into hiding, telling the party to watch out for Sern, and he gave them the address for the shifter. Soon after, the tavern where the contact did his business, Fingers!, was a victim of the same magic that hit the Sojourn’s End.

The party arrived at the shifter’s home (a tinker’s shop). Inside they discovered several skeletons lying about the floor of the shop basement. There were several insane scrawlings on the walls of the basement as well (see handout).

From the stairwell, the party heard a man’s voice say, “We appear to be looking for the same person.” As the party turned, they saw a man who fits Sern’s description to a tee.

There ended the session.



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