Eldemy 2

Session 1

Arrival at the Well of Creation

The session begins with a vision. Each PC sees the massacre of Tura Bend from the point of view of a different inhabitant of the hamlet. Conspirator Vost arrives in Tura Bend, while a band of Drow warriors surround the town. The inhabitants are systematically killed, except for one girl, who escapes, and another girl who is to be sacrificed.

The party awakens atop a mountain, with a view of the Realm of Creation. They follow a path down the mountain and through a wooded valley, where they are beset by an Ettin who was paid to stop anyone from coming down the valley by Vost.

The party subdues the Ettin, discovers who paid him and convince him to alert them (by smoke signals) if anyone else comes down the valley.

The party arrives in Tura Bend and discovers the hamlet is burned to the ground. A dark ritual has been performed (using one of the surviving girls). There is evidence that a large creature was summoned from a magic circle during the ceremony.

They pick up the tracks of the other surviving girl, who is heading East toward Gloryglen. They follow the tracks, avoid a carnivorous plant trap and meet a crazy man who is plowing an enormous field, waiting for the return of the “rain maker.”

They follow the tracks to a tower. The tower is owned by Albright Birdstaff. The find the girl inside, safe, fed and enjoying a cup of tea. Albright explains the mad plowman is an angel of the fallen god Decree.

The party decides to go back to Tura Bend and follow the strange tracks that emerged from the magic circle. They followed the tracks coreward and discovered a human-sized demon, along with the drow warriors, building some kind of craft. They were quickly dispatched and the party tortured and interrogated the two surviving drow.

The drow told them the following

  • The drow were assisting the demon in building the craft so he could travel to the bottom of the well of creation to open some kind of door.
  • The Conspirator Vost (who was not present) had mentioned two co-conspirators: one was a drow named Zarin. The other was unnamed but believed to be a shape shifter living in Gloryglen.

As the party packed up to leave, the heard a loud horn and saw a vessel emerge from the Well of Creation. Atop the vessel were 4 or 5 people and a large white figure stood at the bowsprit.



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