Eldemy 2

Session 4

The party joined the Chaos Divers with their mission to the depths of chaos. They found two entrances to the chamber of seals. Within one of the chambers, they fought several demons, including a big one who asked the party to “give my regards to Mandeight.”

After they emerged into the chamber of seals safely, they discovered that there were in fact four seals. The earth around three of the seals showed signs of the insidious will buried within. The fourth, central seal show different signs. Grasses and vines grew from the soil around the seal. Two of the characters sensed an immortal and celestial presence within the seal, and when they prayed atop the seal, they felt a loss of connection with their respective gods.

When the party emerged from the chaos back to Gloryglen, they heard the din of alarm bells. The bodies of those who died in the several taverns were being kept in the abandoned temple to Bahamut. When they arrived there, they discovered a boy who said the dead rose and walked north, out of the city.

The party pursued the undead out of the city, where they discovered that Mandeight was leading the undead. He turned toward the party and began to cast a spell.

Thus ended the session.

Session 3

The party was in the basement of Shrida’s tinker shop, having just been confronted by Sern.

Sern said, “We appear to be looking for the same person.” Then he looked around the room and said, “she must’ve gone to ground.” He looked around nervously and walked through a wall.

Immediately, the heroes began to feel their life force drain. They fled the building. Outside, Adeena was watching the street and noticed several cloaked figures gather around near the door of the shop and vanish.

A fight then ensued, wherein several drow warriors and a mage fought the party. The party dispatched the mage (who was Vost) and all but one of the drow.

They interrogated the drow, discovering that Vost, who is a minion of Orcus, has been casting the spells that killed the birds and the patrons in several taverns.

He also told them that there were four seals beneath the well of creation — the seal of life, the seal of death, the seal of unity and the seal of disunity. He did not know what was imprisoned beneath the seal of disunity.

The party then met with the duke and one of his viziers.

The vizer told the party that Sern is working for Dagon, and is the sole minion of the demon prince.

He said that Sern is searching for “Dreamers” — people who experience prophetic dreams. He tells the party that anyone having prophetic dreams is in danger.

At the end of the session, the party found themselves at the docks at the Well of Creation. Two Chaos Ships were moored to the dock.

The party entered a tavern near the dock and met some of the chaos divers — those who maintain the seals beneath creation. They told the party they were on-call, waiting for “No-Face” to call them.

At the end of the session, the party hears the booming horns of No-Face, and they (and the chaos divers) rush to the tavern exit to board the Chaos Ship.

Session 2

The party returned to Albright Birdstaff’s tower, where they met new adventurers to join the party.

They proceeded to Gloryglen, finding many dead birds as they approached the city. Once in the city, they took respite at the Whitesides, where the proprietor, Frank, was a bit taken aback that they brought their pet orc along, and insisted that he be allowed to sleep in a guest room, rather than the stables.

They then set about looking for the Shifter.

After some inquire, they discovered that a man named Sern had entered town and had seriously intimidated several people at a tavern, Sojourn’s End, across town. They spoke with the stable boy, Darrin, who said the man looked at everyone as if they were insignificant, like insects.

When they returned to the in later, they discovered that everyone was dead. Darrin the Stable Boy had escaped this fate and was staying with his parents. He informed the party that he saw Sern earlier in the day and fled, as he was scared.

Meanwhile, some members of the party met a contact who attempted to arrange a meeting between the party and a shifter. The party also ask him to find information about Sern.

The contact when into hiding, telling the party to watch out for Sern, and he gave them the address for the shifter. Soon after, the tavern where the contact did his business, Fingers!, was a victim of the same magic that hit the Sojourn’s End.

The party arrived at the shifter’s home (a tinker’s shop). Inside they discovered several skeletons lying about the floor of the shop basement. There were several insane scrawlings on the walls of the basement as well (see handout).

From the stairwell, the party heard a man’s voice say, “We appear to be looking for the same person.” As the party turned, they saw a man who fits Sern’s description to a tee.

There ended the session.

Pre-Session 2

Player specific information regarding Session 2

Session 1
Arrival at the Well of Creation

The session begins with a vision. Each PC sees the massacre of Tura Bend from the point of view of a different inhabitant of the hamlet. Conspirator Vost arrives in Tura Bend, while a band of Drow warriors surround the town. The inhabitants are systematically killed, except for one girl, who escapes, and another girl who is to be sacrificed.

The party awakens atop a mountain, with a view of the Realm of Creation. They follow a path down the mountain and through a wooded valley, where they are beset by an Ettin who was paid to stop anyone from coming down the valley by Vost.

The party subdues the Ettin, discovers who paid him and convince him to alert them (by smoke signals) if anyone else comes down the valley.

The party arrives in Tura Bend and discovers the hamlet is burned to the ground. A dark ritual has been performed (using one of the surviving girls). There is evidence that a large creature was summoned from a magic circle during the ceremony.

They pick up the tracks of the other surviving girl, who is heading East toward Gloryglen. They follow the tracks, avoid a carnivorous plant trap and meet a crazy man who is plowing an enormous field, waiting for the return of the “rain maker.”

They follow the tracks to a tower. The tower is owned by Albright Birdstaff. The find the girl inside, safe, fed and enjoying a cup of tea. Albright explains the mad plowman is an angel of the fallen god Decree.

The party decides to go back to Tura Bend and follow the strange tracks that emerged from the magic circle. They followed the tracks coreward and discovered a human-sized demon, along with the drow warriors, building some kind of craft. They were quickly dispatched and the party tortured and interrogated the two surviving drow.

The drow told them the following

  • The drow were assisting the demon in building the craft so he could travel to the bottom of the well of creation to open some kind of door.
  • The Conspirator Vost (who was not present) had mentioned two co-conspirators: one was a drow named Zarin. The other was unnamed but believed to be a shape shifter living in Gloryglen.

As the party packed up to leave, the heard a loud horn and saw a vessel emerge from the Well of Creation. Atop the vessel were 4 or 5 people and a large white figure stood at the bowsprit.

Introduction-The Story So Far

What follows is a brief timeline of the Eldemy Campaign so far.

  • Party is awoken to the sound of a huge explosion as the main Temple to Bahamut is destroyed in the center of Eldemy the City.
  • Party discovers that a dark conspiracy (made up of demon worshipers) is behind the explosion, and that the explosion was a failed attempt to bring the great demon lords into the natural world.
  • Through the course of several sessions the party discovers several members of the conspiracy and eventually find their secret meeting place in the Shadowfell.
  • They discover that one of the Duke’s trusted viziers is a member of the conspiracy when the party arrives at the secret meeting place. The conspirator is vanquished (with the Duke’s assistance).
  • While in the Shadowfell, the party stumbles upon Truk, an exiled Fomorian chieftain. He tells the party that he wishes to return to the feydark to take back his rightful place, but needs assistance.
  • The party then follows the Duke North, when a descendant of the long-dead emperor returns to Eldemy. They establish a duchy in the North.
  • They discover an ancient temple with religious symbols no one knows. The marking provide them with a direction and they proceed into the great desert.
  • In the desert the party discovers the Temple to Decree, the dead god.
  • Through a combination of temple writings and the account of Veridin’s vision of Bahamut, the party discovers that Decree was the leader of the gods and was killed by three primordial demons.
  • The also learn that nature itself rose up against both the primordials and the gods and banished them all from the natural world.
  • An enchantment is placed upon the primordials, the gods and the natural world: “Neither may enter here lest the other walks the natural world.”
  • Soon after, the party takes the Weapons of Decree and gives them to Truk the Fomorian.
  • The party then travels across the desert to the Temple of the Baneroot, where the conspirators congregate.
  • Along the way, they see that the Temple to Decree has been beset by Slaad and they are excavating the temple and removing the obsidian crypt of Decree.
  • The party finds the Temple of the Baneroot and travels into the Chaos to discover to stop the plot.

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